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Plan Sets and Price List

Plan Sets 


Shipping and Handling
Can & U.S.A. 

Shipping and Handling

Acrolite 1C, 16 sheets - Instruction & Maintenance manual $170.00 US $25.00 US $40.00 US
Acrolite 1T, 11 sheets - Instruction & Maintenance manual $125.00 US $25.00 US $40.00 US
Acrolite 2M, 15 sheets - Instruction & Maintenance manual $160.00 US $25.00 US $40.00 US
Acrolite 1M, 12 sheets - Instruction & Maintenance manual N/A  Presently under construction  
Acrolite Ac1300 Skis, 2 sheets - With full size patterns $20.00 $12.00 US $20.00 US



Shipping and Handling
Can & U.S.A.

Shipping and Handling

CD of Acrolite Construction Photos (all models)  Included with plans set


$10.00 US $15.00 US
DVD video of Acrolite 1B flying N/C $10.00 US $15.00 US

Info Pack on any of the Acrolite Aircraft  (Please specify)

N/C $15.00 US $20.00 US

    Plans for the Acrolite 1B must be ordered from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co.           225 Airport Circle,  Corona,  California   92880-2527.  See the link from this website.

  All plan sets are on 23 x 35 inch sheets shipped in tubes by first class mail or UPS in North America.  Airmail (approx 10 days) is recommended for overseas delivery as surface mail is far too slow.  Ask for a quote on shipping cost to your destination.  There has been a substantial increase in shipping costs in the last couple of years.

   The plans will be sent within the next 3 days after payment is received.  We do not have plans sets in stock.  A new set is printed out when it is ordered.  That way a builder is assured of the latest revisions and updates.  Significant updates are sent automatically to registered plans holders.

   The entire plans set consists of  22 in. x  34 in. cad generated and plotted drawings.  The wing ribs, the control arms and the fittings are full scale.  As well there are full size patterns for all of the fittings, control arms, gusset plates and the instrument panel.  It is suggested that the patterns be glued to poster board then transferred to the material to be cut.  This way the patterns are always available if needed.  As well there are full size patterns for the rib forming blocks.

   These are not engineering drawings. They are not drawn to aeronautical engineering standards so you do not have to be an engineer to read them.  They were drawn by a homebuilder in a manner that most homebuilders without a technical background will find easy to understand and follow. While the aircraft can be built by the plans alone there is a builders manual that comes as part of the plans package, this manual explains how construction should proceed and recommends ways of doing things. The manual will explain what has to be done but will not for the most part say how to do it.  The manual is now on the CD that comes as part of the plans package. The extra weight from the printed manual caused a substantial increase in shipping cost.

Builders should read the building manuals that are available from the homebuilding organizations like the EAA for specifics on aircraft construction. They should also be aware of the government regulations on aircraft construction and know what documentation is needed and when inspections are required.  Included with the manual is a full materials list.  Also included with the plans set is a CD with over 600 pictures of the various parts of the aircraft taken during construction.  This will give the builder an excellent look at how the parts are constructed and assembled. 

Info Packs:

   Contain a 22" x 34"   3 view and sample construction drawing of the aircraft, an 8" x10" glossy photo and detailed performance and construction data.  Please specify for which aircraft you want the info pack.


Please Read The Disclaimer on This Website Before Ordering!

     We are now PayPal approved.  Builders now have the opportunity to pay through their PayPal account.  Send us an Email telling us which plans set you want and your full mailing address and we will have PayPal send an invoice to your Email address.  Payment can be made to our Email address on this website.  The plans will be sent within the next 3 days after payment is verified. 

If you do not have a PayPal account, it is free to set one up.  Just click on the PayPal icon and follow the online instructions.

Payment may also be made by  bank draft, money order or check only.

Checks must state amount in U.S. dollars or CDN equivalent .  Please allow 3 weeks for check to clear.

 No personal checks from OUTSIDE of the U.S.A. or Canada accepted!


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