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   We have had quite a few requests from model builders wanting scale drawings of the Acrolite Biplane and in response I have created a 3 view sectional drawing that interested builders can download and use as a basis for creating their own set of plans for their own model.  We have now added the Acrolite Triplane as well.

   The drawing is a precise 1/16 scale and while there are only a few dimensions, any size you need can easily be scaled off with a ruler. In an effort to make the drawings accessible to everyone the drawing is saved in PDF format so that it can be loaded by the Adobe PDF file viewer. The drawing is D size (22 X 34) and should be plotted on 24 X 36 inch plotter paper. Most print or copy shops can print it out for you, if not, it can be printed out on eight 8 1/2" X 11" pages that will have to be glued together.

   Scaling the drawing will determine the size of aircraft to build. For example if 1/6 inch on the drawing equals 1/4 inch on the model it will be 1/4 scale. 1/16 = 1/8 is 1/8 scale, etc.

Some scale sizes are;

1/16 = 15 inch wingspan and a 2.5 inch cord for 75 sq. in. of wing, suitable for .049 engines

1/8 = 30 inch wingspan and a 5 inch cord for 300 sq. in. of wing, suitable for .10 to .25 engines.

3/16 = 45 inch wingspan and a 7.5 inch cord for 675 sq. in. of wing, suitable for .45 to .60 engines

1/4 = 60 inch wingspan and a 10 inch cord for 1200 sq. in. of wing, suitable for .90 to .120 engines

3/8 = 90 inch wingspan and a 15 inch cord for 2700 sq. in. of wing, suitable for chain saw and similar engines.

The next two pictures are of a model of the Acrolite in 1/3 scale that was made by a builder in Idaho.



The files below contain the drawings in PDF format Just click on the " drawing of Acrolite " to begin downloading.

Drawing of Acrolite1B Biplane

Drawing of Acrolite 1T Triplane