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General Description of the Acrolite 1L Light Aircraft

   The Acrolite 1L low wing monoplane design was intended as a fast cross country cruiser in a light, low cost package for those pilots that want to get from point A to B faster than the more common type of light and ultralight aircraft.

   The 1L was designed to use the four cylinder Rotax 80 hp. 912U, 100 hp. 912S or 115 hp. 914.  However the Rotax 582/618 twin cylinder two stroke with a "C" or "E" type gear reduction drive will give reasonable  performance at a lower cost.  The 80 hp. Jabiru and the 80 to 120 hp. F30 Hirth engines are also suitable.

   The fuselage is constructed of welded 4130 chrome moly steel tube.  The tail assembly is constructed of 6061 aluminum tube riveted together with 2024-T3 aluminum gusset plates.  The wing is of stressed skin construction entirely of 2024-T3 aluminum with a box section main spar, a channel section rear spar, fully sheeted and flush riveted with 1/8 inch diameter stainless steel blind rivets. The airfoil is GA30-212 semi-symmetrical section designed by Harry Ribblett. This airfoil is noted for its low drag and excellent stall characteristics. The ailerons are semi-full span aluminum tube, static balanced. The fuselage, empennage and ailerons are fabric covered with 1.7 oz PolyFiber fabric.  The landing gear is one piece spring aluminum clamped and bolted directly to the bottom of the fuselage with four bolts.  The wheels and tires are 500 X 5 aircraft type with hydraulic operated disk brakes.

    The aircraft is conservatively stressed for a limit load of 6 G positive and 4 G negative with a 1.5 safety factor at a gross weight of 800 lbs.

Present Status

   The Acrolite 1L is at the present time one of our future projects.  The plans for the prototype have been drawn and a computer projected performance and stress analysis has been completed.   Other more pressing projects will have this one on the backburner for a while yet, but someday we will get to it.