1T Triplane  

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November 03, 2001

We are back to working on the Triplane. With Vern's passing we have put a great deal of effort into completing the wings that he started. We are trying to get the wings completed as soon as we can, while what he was doing and how he was doing it, is still fresh in our minds. Vern was our master craftsman when it came to the wood fabrication part of the airplanes. Vern passed away this fall, we're going to miss his expertise and drive.

The stab, elevator and rudder frames are completed and work is started on the controls and landing gear. The wings should be completed in the next couple of weeks and then we will start welding up the fuselage.


Wing frame assembly.

Elevator frame assembly.

Stabilizer frame formed and bent on bench jig.

Wing in jig to hold the frame while the skin is bonded on.

Rudder frame assembly.

January 05, 2002

     It is the middle of winter and we are hard at work on the Triplane. Progress is being made, not as fast as we would like but a little everyday. The fuselage frame is well under way, the landing gear is completed, the wings are assembled (less the ailerons) and most of the control system is fabricated. Soon we will be able to start fitting the individual components together. So far it is looking good.


Bending the landing gear in the press.

Completed main gear.

The fuselage frame being assembled on the bench.

Jig to hold the cabane in place for fitting and welding.

The fittings for the control systems cut out and ready for assembly.

  August 23, 2002

   All the components have been completed and a trial assembly has been done before the airframe is covered. We have done a preliminary weight and balance to make sure the center of gravity will be within range. The empty weight came out at 442 lbs and with a 180 lb pilot the cg was within a tenth of an inch of optimum. Now that we are sure everything fits we can paint the airframe then start on the covering.


Fuselage, turtledeck & top cowl.

The Triplane all together.

Preliminary Assembly - Pete and Harold assembling the wings and struts.

Preliminary weight and balance.

October 15, 2002

The fuse and tail covering is completed and we are putting together the sub assemblies and the installation of all the components. After they are installed we will move the airframe to the hanger at the airstrip for the final assembly and weight and balance. We will have to put a lot of effort in now if we are to get it flying before the cold and snow closes in on us.


Covering - Tail and ailerons covered and ready for silver.

Engine - Final assembly of the airframe components.

Fuselage - Covered & ready for systems installation.

Final assembly - In the hanger at the airstrip.