1B Biplane  

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April 01, 1996

    Spring is coming and we have completed the load testing, the final fitting of the major components and are working on the covering. So far it is looking good but we still have a long way to go.


A 6 g load on one wing panel.

Final assembly before covering.

The tail assembly loaded to 6 g.

Fuselage covering.

June  07, 1996

     The Acrolite 1B made its first flight on June 7.  All went well with no major problems.  The aircraft was slightly out of trim in pitch but this was corrected by changing the wing incidence.  The final color will be put on after the 25 hour flight restrictions are flown off.  Flying characteristics are excellent.  The aircraft behaves very well with no vices.  Controls are are positive and responsive and the aircraft is very stable and predictable.


Engine run-up test.

Painting the fin and tail.

Instrument Panel.

Completed aircraft in silver ready for its first flight.

Painting the wings.

Completed Aircraft ready for flight to Oshkosh.